What can I do on my own to prepare for the season?

ANSWER: Off Season conditioning – Work on your speed and agilities. Do sprint workouts and distance workouts.  Everyone should own a jump rope as well.  You should jumprope at least 20 minutes a day non-stop.

Participate in pre-season conditioning which is mandatory for all players if you are not playing a fall or winter sport.  

Work on your stick skills – Hit the wall. Work on your shooting.  If you have a cage with a net it is a good idea to take at least 100 shots a day with each hand (100 righty and 100 lefty). Play on a league in the fall or tryout for a travel team.

Watch as much game film as you can.  This will help you to understand the game and what is trying to be accomplished at higher levels.  At Brophy we run one of the most complex defenses in the state.  You will need to have an understanding of zone and man to man defensive principals to succeed.

We are first year player parents, do you have advice for us around equipment purchases?

ANSWER:  Here are some tips. However, we strongly recommend talking to your buddies.  They are the best resources.

USED GEAR – Used gear is fine. Gloves and elbow pads wear out, helmets and sticks not so much. Check out our tab, LAX-Change for used gear.

CLEARANCE SALES – Most of the online retailers are looking to liquidate last year's merchandise. This seems ridiculous since the gear last year was good enough equipment for the best players in the world. It is often easy to get things 50% off or more. Search around, sales come and go, and the best stuff goes quickly.

ONLINE vs. RETAIL – It's always good to support the local retailer and Elite Lacrosse is a good one.  It is also worth taking a look online. Check the prices before you buy.

HELMET – Avoid buying a helmet if you can. They last forever and it's stupid to buy something that lasts forever if you're not sure you're going to keep playing. Most importantly, you need to have the correct shell color to match your HS team. If you are a freshman, see Helmet specifications FAQ on this page.  Visor colors are not required to match by rule.  Brophy's visor is red.  The team places an order for helmets at our Registration Night.  You can get the team helmet for 30% off retail.  This is the only time the team places a group order for helmets.

STICK/HEAD – Your first stick should probably be borrowed from a friend. It will be broken in and probably throw pretty decent right away. It will also be a more professional model than the entry level sticks. I would much rather have a used quality stick than a new entry level stick. Nonetheless, the entry level sticks get the job done, but break it in immediately with the help of a current player. If you play for more than two months, that stick will become your backup mighty quick.

STICK/SHAFT – We don't know a lot here, except that you can pay a whole lot of money for a fancy curtain rod, particularly defensemen. For new players, we recommend buying a short aluminum stick (it usually comes free). Later in the season, try to pick up a used alloy stick. It's also possible that you will get switched to defense, in which case you will need a long stick, and aluminim long-sticks are a definite disadvantage.

GLOVES – Don't buy crappy gloves and definitely try them out before you buy. Here's your checklist:

– Are they comfortable?
– Are they durable (ask around)?
– Will they be comfortable in the heat?

A new pair of good gloves might be worth the money in the long haul, but ask around. Lacrosse equipment manufactures do very little quality testing and spend most of the efforts on marketing.  So if you have a buddy who used last year's model and loved it, see if you can get it on clearance.

ELBOW PADS – There's nothing fancy here, but look for wear. Elbow pads that wear out are a pain and become worthless. Again, if you have hockey pads, use 'em for now.

SHOULDER PADS – It can be hot in Arizona, so keep that in mind. The season ends in April or May. We would recommend you check for a little sternum protection.

RIB PADS – They're hot, but if you are planning on playing attack, you might want 'em, particularly if you're not the biggest guy in the world.

CUP – You need a cup. Period. Get one and make sure it's comfy.

MOUTHGUARD – You need two in your bag. Consider one of the nicer ones for your primary. Cheap mouth guards are annoying, The "Shock Doctor" should provide the best protection and make it easier to talk on the field. (Coaches like players who communicate to their teammates during the game.)

What kind of equipment do I need?

ANSWER: The basic equipment required to play lacrosse are a helmet, lacrosse stick, mouthpiece, shoulder pads, gloves, elbow pads, athletic cup and cleats. Team uniforms are provided by Brophy for the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams. Uniforms are issued at the beginning of the season and will be collected at the end of the season.  They are the responsibility of the player.  There will be a replacement charge for lost or damaged uniforms.

What type of helmet? color?

ANSWER: Helmets are unique to each player and are purchased by each player. Brophy teams wear white helmets. Helmets are the Cascade Pro-7 or CPX-R with a white shell, black or chrome mask,  and crimson chin. They are available for purchase at various retail locations in town. Helmet stickers are provided by the team.     

What kind of stick should I get?

ANSWER: You will need a stick that is designed for your playing position. Players at middie and attack positions generally have short sticks although there are some middie players who use long sticks. Defense uses long sticks to give them greater defensive reach. Lacrosse sticks come in various colors and are made of different materials. Anyone interested in playing Varsity must have at least two sticks. You don't want to be out of the game because you don't have a spare stick. Sticks can be purchased at any retail lacrosse store. Sticks generally are sold without the head and the mesh. Sticks are really personal items. Players spend many hours working the mesh to get just the right shape and tension for their game.   There are also strict rules on the shape of the pouch formed by the mesh on the head of your stick with penalty consequences if a referee finds it out of the allowable range during a game. Referees do check sticks so find the right measurements via the Rules link provided on the BrophyLax website.

What kind of cleats should I buy?

ANSWER: Cleats are another distinctly personal item. Of course like any running sport, you need to get cleats that are snug but comfortable. You'll be doing a lot of running, including sprints. Your cleats will be the only thing that keep you from eating turf when you make quick turn or spin to get clear for that perfect shot on goal. Make sure you get a cleat that is meant for running (light in weight), but also gives you the ability to dig in for quick changes in direction and explosion (mid length cleats).Varsity players are required to wear Under Armour cleats.  Everyone will have an opportunity to purchase Under Armour cleats at our Registration Meeting. The cleats are offered at a 35% discount.  

Where can I get my equipment and what will it cost?

ANSWER: Lacrosse equipment is available at various lacrosse specialty stores in


Phoenix and

Chandler.  It is also available online.  Here are our recommended sources:

Online: Suggestions to name a few include Lax.com, QCLax.com, Southswellsports.com, or GreatAtlantic.com.  There are many more vendors. Check it out on the internet.

A full set of equipment including helmet, mouthpiece, shoulder pads, gloves, elbow pads, and cleats will cost upwards of $350 and more. 

Is there used equipment for sale?

ANSWER: There are other options if you're not yet fully committed to the game. Some of our current players have extra equipment they might be willing to sell at a deep discount until you've made the total commitment to the game.  Look on the LAX-Change tab of our website for used equipment.

I watched a game and was a bit confused, what are the rules?

ANSWER: Lacrosse rules are fairly complex at first glance. Check out the Lacrosse 101 pages on the BrophyLax website.

How many players are on each team?

ANSWER:  There are generally 25-30 on a lacrosse team. Varsity will generally have between 26 and 30, JV will have 2 teams of between 25 and 30 players. There are ten players on the field at a time. Those ten consist of one goal tender, three defensive players, three mid fielders, and three on attack.

When does the Brophy lacrosse season begin and end?

ANSWER: When does the lacrosse season begin and end? Ask any lacrosse player and the likely answer will be never. Most players are passionate about their sport. In reality the season begins with league games in late February – early March. The playoffs generally take place in early May. Success, however, doesn't come without lots of preparation.  Brophy generally begins tryouts at the end of January. It is ultimately up to the players to organize themselves to be physically ready for the season.  That has to start in the fall in order to be in shape and ready for the season when it begins late January/early February.

How many teams does Brophy have?

ANSWER:  Three teams for the 2014 season:  One Varsity and two Under-Classmen teams, Brophy 2 and JV.

Do you have to pay to play?

ANSWER: There are costs associated with all of our teams that need to be covered. The initial registration fee is $50.00 per player.  This fee includes your Pre-season conditioning and try-outs.  All players are required to be a member of US Lacrosse and the Arizona Lacrosse League.  The remainder of the club fees will be due at the time of team selections in January/February.  The remainder of the fees include ALL Dues, Referee Fees, Athletic Trainer Coverage, Team/Field Equipment and Game Uniforms for all players, In State Pre-Season Tournament, End of the year banquet, Practice uniforms,… These fees do not cover out-of-state tournaments.  Fees for these events will be determined and announced at a later date.  The fees for the 2012-13 season was $750.

Is lacrosse a club sport? Can I letter as a Brophy lacrosse varsity player?

ANSWER:  Lacrosse is a club sport at Brophy, which means one thing, you have to pay to play.  Lacrosse is treated as a varsity sport in all other aspects.  You will get Varsity recognition at school.  Those players who make the Varsity team will receive a Brophy Varsity letter.  Due to funding limitations, lacrosse is not funded at levels you would normally expect for

Arizona sports like football, baseball, wrestling, etc.   Brophy requires every student participating in a school sport or club sport to have on file in the athletic office a current, doctor signed, physical form.  Brophy requires all parents of the participating club members to view the sports risk video and sign the appropriate forms acknowledging the video and warning.

Where do we play games and practice, what time do we practice?

ANSWER:  Pre-Season Conditioning  Starts on September 3

Practice Fields:

Brophy Sports Complex

Away Game Fields

See  Field Locations

JV and Varsity Practice:

TRYOUTS: To be announced   PRACTICE: To be announced

I understand Brophy Lacrosse can use volunteer. How can I help?

ANSWER:   We need your help!  Please email our Coaches or Team Moms list on our our website or brophylax@gmail.com to offer your services!